ColorGlo® custom free-standing fireplace screens offer customizable designs that harmonize with modern, traditional, contemporary, or antique decor! See slideshow below for ColorGlo® custom screens and various design features. Quality craftsmanship & technology ensure our ColorGlo® custom fireplace screens which are crafted of heavy duty materials and will stand the test of time. Made in America by Americans, quality workmanship and timely construction assured .

Our ColorGlo® custom fireplace screens feature amazing heat resistant technology that allows them to withstand the hot sparks and heat that is generated in your fireplace. With our state-of-the-art construction, finishing, and firing technique, these screens will withstand the test of time. Furthermore, their sturdy yet streamlined design provides for both easy care and quick portability. For finishing we offer a wide range of heat-proof colors, from brilliant red to soothing grey – one of our hundreds of options will be right for your screen!

Our ColorGlo® custom precision cut, metallic design graphics add unique distinctiveness and enhance your fireplace setting.

Precisely cut from the same metals used on our screens, these fun design graphic features can be finished in any color and allow you to reflect your own personal taste and interests. Feel free to attach to your screen a baseball or football shape, highlight your favorite animals, or draw on natural touches for these fun screen additions! For an additional cost, you may even select a holder from one of your favorite team logos which can be easily attached and removed if desired to the frame of the fireplace screen!

Best of all, these metallic design graphics are movable and can be relocated to any part of your fireplace screen. With our ingenious attachment collars, the position of your favorite team logo can be placed in the location of your choice. At the same time, our manipulation handles provide the ability to adjust the location of your design graphics while keeping your hands safe. Selections range from a modern rectangular cut to a curved or twisted handle.